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That Integrates English Learning
Into Your Daily Life

Anytime, Anywhere


Stay Updated with Global News Every

Dors News tailors articles to different English levels. Choose to read or listen, and test your understanding with a comprehension quiz for each news item.

After Lunch:

Have a Quick Pronunciation Practice

Dors pinpoints your pronunciation weaknesses, making it easy to practice anytime, anywhere. Or, have in tailored role-play conversations that simulate various real-life scenarios.

After Work:

Chat with Your AI Tutor When Commuting

Our AI tutors cater to all proficiency levels, offering real-time feedback on grammar and pronunciation, making your commute time productive and educational.

At Night:

Reflect on Your Day with an English Diary

Upload a photo from your day, and Dors will suggest relevant vocabulary for you to learn and add to your journal. Additionally, receive tips on improving your writing.

Immersive Learning Works Best

Every feature in Dors is designed to incorporate English into your everyday activities, fostering natural and immersive language acquisition.



Dors.AI is free, and each user can send a total of 2 minutes of voice messages or 20 text messages per day. If you want to use it without any daily limit, you can join the Unlimited membership plan. A few premium features are only accessible to Unlimited members.

Dors can be used on both smartphones and website. But website version for now is only available in Japanese. Apologize for inconvenience. 

For users who intend to use the service over a long period, we offer an Unlimited membership plan, which allows you to choose between monthly, quarterly, or annual payments, each with corresponding discounts. If you join now, the fees are as follows: $10 for monthly payments, $24 for quarterly payments (which breaks down to $8 per month), $36 for semi-annual payments (or $6 per month), and $55 for annual payments (which is $4.5 per month), all of which are very affordable.

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Weekly Newslatter

We will periodically send information that is helpful for learning English.